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Will my press ons look natural?

Yes, As long as you measure your nails correctly so that the nails are flush with your cuticle area. If you need to file the nails a little, that helps too.

Which glue for press ons is better?

It depends on how long you’d like to wear them for. Using a adhesive tab, your wear is easy and can last for 1-3 days. Using a dab of nail glue and proper nail prep, your nails can last from 1-2 weeks!

How do I make a nail appointment?

By going to: or visit the “Book” button on my site.

How long will my shipment take?

The processing time of me fulfilling orders can take 1-2 weeks before shipping. Shipping times vary on which shipping method you choose.

Where are you located?

Charlotte, North Carolina

Are the press ons reusable?

Yes of course with proper care.

What if I want something custom made?

Great! All custom inquiries can be sent to:

I don’t know my nail size

Refer to our Sizing guide. There is also a Nail Sizing Pack that you can purchase as well.

How long have you been doing nails?

Since October 2018.

Did you go to school? Are you licensed?

Yes and yes! I attended NC Nail Academy and I have been licensed since October 2018.

What are some affordable products that you use and recommend?

Check out my Amazon Shop! There, you’ll find everything I use and get from Amazon!

Do you offer classes?

Yes! Check out: TrillaNails.As.Me/Classes